The Chaos Continues Unabated?

Well, it does, I’m upset, which upsets Max and the poor guy just retreats to his chimney in hopes of finding some peace. I’d go with him but it’s too small for two. I told someone the other day that I was hoping to achieve a 3 step “recovery” process starting with “chaos” which is me wandering aimlessly around the house shaking my head trying to find the lose end of this knotted ball of string I call my life so I can start unraveling it and getting it in order. You never realize how good the Lord has been to you until you have to box it up and put it ALL in a small trailer – and I’ve been more than fortunate it would seem. I’m reminded of that scene in Fiddler On The Roof when they’re leaving their homes carrying only a few suitcases etc. and that was all they owned – now it takes at least a trailer and unlike moving across town or to another town nearby where you can make several trips, moving internationally means you mostly have one shot and that’s it, although I did bring a car load in July which is stored in George’s warehouse.

My owners came back from 8 years in Taiwan last month and a shipment of their furniture arrived last Saturday via a cargo container like you see on huge ships? Well, this one was half full and pretty much totally filled the casita. I asked Paul “where are you going to put all this, the house is already full and well furnished?” He said they’d move things from this house to their other house etc. and then they headed off to Seattle to received a container for their condo up there? – but, he’s smart, he can afford to just point and have someone else haul etc. – me? – well, I do it all, point, pack, haul and in 3 weeks will be the driver of choice and boy, am I looking forward to that, yesterday it was 74 here, 104 at the new Bdam house and the AC on the Jeep has been making ugly noises and trying to fail for 5 years now.

So after chaos comes “semi-organized chaos” which means I’m actually accomplishing something, boxes are being packed and shelves are being unloaded, the walls were stripped over the last two weeks and patched and matched as previously noted. Yesterday for the first time I actually felt like it might all happen – but that was a fleeting thought in a weak moment of optimism, this morning?

I had some standard size boxes from the original move and bought 25 more last Sept when in Austin. Using those makes it easier to maximize trailer space. But then you have to consider weight, not too much to the front and definitely not too much to the back of the trailer. This is definitely part of the “great adventure” as I wander around the house looking at what is still to be packed and loaded, what is heavy and in the middle of the trailer on the bottom level and what is lighter and can go on the second or third level. That still leaves space above to throw lose stuff, sombreros, pinatas, you know, all the stuff you really need in TX.

And, of course the rest of life goes on with a broken tooth and a more than complicated crown process? – and two trips to the bank to get some investments transferred to where I can get to them if needed. With the new Infernal Revenue “Service” FATCA law etc, international banking is in chaos and that I can’t fix, only try to circumnavigate. And on and on, but with the Lord’s help I guess it will all happen, but then again, He’s the one who basically got me into this fix.

The owner up in TX said this has been a hard move for them, they’re going to Maine? – well, at least it will be cooler there. I’m writing this today only to force myself into a bit slower day to give my back a rest. If you’ve ever lived in a two story house you know the drill, pile stuff at the top of the stairs and every time you go down you carry something, anything, but it all has to go, one box, one thing at a time.

Well, so much for now except to say the weather station transfer to the new folks casa is going well and we may do most of the step over next week so I can take mine down from the roof here, pack it and warn it that the temp sensors are going to get a serious workout soon. So it goes from Tortillaville.