It’s Somewhere In A Box?

Have I mentioned how much I hate this move? – yeah, I though so. Well, for some reason I think this one is actually worse than leaving the house in Lakeway.

But, just moving itself is such a pain, as I mentioned “bare walls to bare walls” and when I leave a house the walls look new, you can’t find a nail hole and this time I had to repair some that were here when I moved in and were conveniently covered by my hangings – no mas, they’re gone. I should be so lucky in the new weather shack in Bdam.

But, it takes years to truly settle into a house, if it’s two story, the tool you need is always on the floor you aren’t. So, you buy two of everything and train yourself NOT to carry one into foreign territory. Then you also need two rolls of masking tape (I use it for everything) wire here, wire there, wire everywhere and on and on.

Then the brutal day comes when you must pack that stuff and even though you try to think ahead you always miss something because you packed it last week, today you need it and “it’s in a box somewhere”? I lived that way for at least 2-3 years after arriving here, I always needed something that was back in TX in a box in storage so I bought it here and now am hauling it back to TX where I’ll have two of whatever.

And, I’ll say it up front, I want to continue living the life of comfort and convenience I have for 7 years – and then one day just get in the car with Max and have everything happen automatically – funny how that doesn’t seem to be happening? So, today I ripped out the XM radio, antenna wiring, FM Modulator wiring etc. I listen to XM from morning when I wake until well into the evening, I hate a quiet house. So, I rigged a temporary installation that will take us though the day before we leave, or the day, and I can just coil up the wire and chuck it in a(nother) box.

Ah, then the little challenges of moving. The tires on my trailer only have 3,000 miles on them, but they’re 7 years old and I’m going to be asking them to do a fair amount of work in hot MXN/TXN August. Now, when I was in TX last Sept I considered buying new ones, but blew it off and figured I’d get them down here about now. Oops, getting trailer tires in MX is much like finding an honest politician (or lawyer) – they don’t exist. So, I went into a panic and finally someone suggested a guy closeby who builds trailers. I talked to¬† him this morning and he can get “trailer” tires, NOT “car” tires which don’t have the load ratings I need.

I paid him and he’ll get them in Guad manana, mount them for me and even come over and check and pack my wheel bearings, so a huge load off my mind. I was probably overreacting, but I guess I’m getting cautious in my old age?

Max was spooked at first, he’s not used to seeing me actually “working” for any length of time and then there was the clutter of boxes etc. all over the house, again, uncommon for Casa Abuelo. But, he’s getting used to it and I’ve got some “Rescue Formula” given to me by the folks who are hosting the weather station in our absence. You rub it on the inside of their ears and it mellows them right out – I’m going to do my ears also, I’ll need it, did I mention how much I hate this move?