I Feel Really Dumb?

This will probably be the final edition from MX, at least until we return? And, I can tell you right now, by then I will have downsized my “stuff” by a huge amount, having 25 boxes marked “kitchen” when I hardly cook?

I’ve moved a bunch of times, sometimes halfway across the country etc. In fact, I used to move so often people wrote me in the address books in pencil so they could change it (remember actual “books” before all the electronic hooha we use now?).

So, you would assume I¬†know how this works, I’ve rented trucks, towed trailers and cars, but wow, did I ever totally underestimate this move both physically and emotionally. A while back I walked through the house making notes on how many boxes I would need. I like to use standard size boxes to make things fit better. When I came down from TX I unloaded the trailer and flattened the boxes and put them back in the trailer for storage. Last year when I was in Austin I bought another 25 just to be sure I had plenty (one of the few things I got right). So, I have a lot of boxes, let the fun begin.

I estimated probably 35 boxes should do it with some odd stuff that doesn’t fit – I’m at 71 boxes with 4 more to final pack and that’s only because the trailer is loaded to the ceiling, end to end. And, I’ve donated, given away and sold a bunch of stuff – where did it all come from? Now, if I were moving 1,000 miles across the US I’d be very tempted to do it in two trips – well, make that 3, I took a car stuffed full up in July when I closed. But coming out of MX? – no way I make two trips, 700 miles of MXN highways is more than this old man can handle.

Oh, did I forget to mention that I’m not bringing hardly any of my MXN decor stuff, it’s in storage here at a local facility. And, I probably have this much and more in TX storage that will be my first priority to clear out when I get there. As I’ve packed stuff and looked at the lists (I label each box and put the contents on a spreadsheet for survival) I got to thinking about the guys on the American Pickers show. Some of the places they find must be advanced cases of guys like me.

But wow, how could I be so far off on my estimate? – I feel really dumb, like the Gov, when they estimate they’re always off by at least 50% to 100% plus or minus depending on what lie they want you to believe. And yes, like my last post, when you get this close to the end everything you need for daily existence is in a box somewhere. This morning I needed to call my insurance agent in Laredo – right the Vonage phone adapter and main office phone were in a box, fortunately still here under my desk, but it’s just amazing how complex our lives have become. My youngest Gson is at school and said he has two boxes? – two? – I told him to hold out as long as he can but sooner or later things will change.

I called a TX Wireless Internet provider a few days ago and said I’d be in there 4th, hook it up! – she said sorry, not until Monday the 8th? I’ll be offline, for several days, but what if the world needs me? And, I’ve not yet talked to Dish TV, suppose I should call them.

Later – ok, called them, major mistake, I finally hung up on the person, all I want is some TV – just SHOW ME THE TV!

Later still – called a different number and go hold of a guy I could deal with and pulled the trigger, install on the 4th. I will miss my ShawDirect Canuck TV however, I got 10 channels of hockey plus curling (it’s mandatroy on Canuck TV) plus Canadian football and many other goodies, but they did have a great Country music channel out of Halifax Nova Scotia, I did enjoyed that a bunch, oh well.

So, the sad saga drags on, being a short timer is awful, it’s like being a condemned man, I count each day to the end. But, Max and I have had a great run of 7 years in this little slice of paradise, we came for 6 months and stayed 7 years and short of robbing a bank or killing someone I’d do about anything to remain.

So, off to the next chapter of our Great Adventure and our new weather shack at www.BdamWeather.com.