Hola Out There? Weeeee’re Back!

Greetings from the great beyond? (well, “beyond” Laredo which ain’t all that great or wherever?)  If you’re reading this, several things have happened, first as you can see we’re in a totally new format which is totally bland by our MXN standards – so we’ll take care of that soon with some colors sure to offend your sensibilities. Next, OBF is now active again – obviously. I’ll try to move old entries over, we’ll see how well that works and how much time it takes.

Mainly, the trip to TX was successful, Max and I are the owners of a DWOP (double wide on the prairie) at Buchanan Dam, TX. I’m now officially “trailer trash” and scrambling to close out this house, pack, clean and move at the end of August (some like it hot?).

More later, but wanted to let y’all know we’re fine and all is well except for my emotional state? – who in their right mind would move from a gorgeous estate that is lovely, lush and 78 degrees to a DWOP that is in a 4 year drought and 100 degrees? – never mind, don’t answer that, time for shrink-analysis later. But, I did get a riding mower and a walk behind weed whacker as part of the deal? (well, it’s 1.3 acres, something will eventually grow out there – I hope).

PS: A lovely couple (who might be distant relations) who live only 3 blocks away have agreed to host www.chapalaweather.net and I’ll continue to run it remotely from TX, so there will continue to be “weather” at Lake Chapala, JAL, MX.