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How Quickly We Forget

Oh how quickly we forget; so, a couple days ago it was down right cold, 29 to be exact here in the Highland Lakes Area of Texas. I looked out to see a pretty white frosting on the rooftops and ground cover on the North 40, I thought that was kind of neat?

I read the electric meter every morning at 7:30, it’s an old habit, keeps me “in the know” so I don’t get any nasty surprises at month end (or mid month here). In MX I would say to Max “come on let’s go out to the casita and he’d join me for a morning walk and check out everything and I’d read the casita meter. At first up here I’d say that and he’d come out with me even though he had no idea the “casita” was actually the “barn”, but no mas since it turned cold.

So, I ran Max off my lap, he’s bored bored bored and has no taste for cold weather and parks on my lap every time I set down. Anyway I headed toward the front and snapped a couple of pics to send to friends in MX telling them how lucky they are – and stepped out onto the deck. With my first footfall I felt a slip – ah yes, frost on the deck. How soon we forget this little phenomena and I quickly shifted into my “little old man gate” as I pad pad padded short stepping gently across the deck to get to more solid ground rather than end up on my keister looking up at the sky and wondering how I’m going to get back up?

The meter says; not too bad, we only used 61KWH of juice to keep the place livable for a day (yes, remember 500KWH for 2 months in MX?). A bit later I headed into town, I hadn’t bought any 2X4’s for days, Home Depot probably laid off the second shift thinking I didn’t like them any more. I glanced down at the right front tire which looked low and I pulled out the little tire inflator and got it going although it was complaining about the cold as well. There I stand with no gloves and my fingers are already getting stiff from the cold as I wait for the tire to be roadable.

Then, jump in the car and hit the cold, hard leather seats that are normally nice and soft and welcoming – not today, darn near slid to the passenger side? Crank the starter and the Jeep reluctantly awakes and I dive for the heater controls to turn off the fan, turn the heat to max and double check to make sure I didn’t leave the sun roof cracked open from the day before. As I backed out of the carport I begin to notice that I can see my breath? – hmmm, haven’t seen that in a lot of years, but then the memories begin to rush back.

As I pulled out on the highway I kept it at 45 for a couple of miles just to give the Jeep a chance to warm up it’s systems etc. so it could warm up the heater and my system. As I drove, all the memories of the years flood back, getting up at dark:30 to get ready to go to work, going through whatever necessary, scooping, ice scraping of windows etc. and then the poor car complaining mightily about the cold and the tires flat spotted from sitting all night and thumping until they could warm and round themselves out – yes, now I remember all that – the things I mostly forgot when I moved to TX and totally forgot when I moved to MX – but I remember now – and this part I hate.

Today is the 30th and a miserable gray, cold, edge of rain day and I needed to work on the deck railings, so I went out anyway and promptly made two cuts on a railing section, both wrong, both too short, NEVER too long and I looked at them for a minute and made and executive decision – I shut down the power tools and came back inside, it was NOT a day to be working outside and definitely NOT with power tools – Home Depot just sold two more 2X4’s. We’ll try again next year as it looks like we’re hovering in the late 30’s for a couple of days – oh yes, now it all comes back.

Well, at least sitting here at the PC I can be sure Max will show up and park on my lap, he’s a good leg and hand warmer you know.

Hope you all have a fabulous 2015.

Happy New Year from Max the WeatherCat and me.