Monthly Archives: November 2014


I thought I better sit down and write a note to tell those of you who follow this blog that all is well and we’re settling into our new existence, sort of like how an old house creaks and settles. But, Max and I are finding our rhythm of daily life, he’s found a couple of hidie holes and some sun spots to nap in and I’ve found where to get all the necessary paint, screws, wood etc. to keep the projects going.

One thing that is behind schedule is the clearing of the storage area. Actually, if you’ll go to you’ll find this years note from “Weedy Acre” and more about why we’re here. To say the “welcome home to TX” was a bit rough doesn’t cover it. First it was hot and I do mean caliente, muy caliente, and/or humid? – I don’t remember this, then all of a sudden it’s “FREEZE WARNING” time – that’s a bit early so our welcome home was more than hot and darn cold all jammed up together, but the DWOP (double wide on the prairie) is actually pretty tight and the AC works and the heatOmatic works and electricity is plentiful and cheap so we’re ok.

As you’ll see in the snoozeletter, much work is still ahead of us and things just jump out and grab you. Yesterday I was walking by some sort of scruff bush in the back yard that is now 8′ tall and ugly, I’ve glared at it since day one and I walked over to the bodega, got out the chainsaw and an hour or two later, no scruff which is only scratching the surface, I’ve got cactus and other scruff the previous owner let grow to whack.

So, all in all it’s been an interesting year, the move was tough, but necessary and while it’s a big step down from our life in MX, it’s time to be doing these kinds of things and accepting our time and place in life for what it is. Do we miss MX – sure, but then I miss a lot of things, fat paychecks, black hair (even though I still have plenty of gray), I miss Chris after 10 years now it still seems like only yesterday. But, the Lord has given us much to be thankful for and we enjoy the simple things in life, a sun spot to take a nap in, a nice day with the house open like in MX and more.

To all of you we send the blessings of this season and hope you and yours are healthy and happy.

Steve & Max the WeatherCat